Thursday, November 14, 2013

Swiss Chard Plenty -- Garden Update 11/13/13

I'm a day late posting this, as I took these photos yesterday. My hydroponic system is doing well along with the plants upstairs. The weather has been nice, but I am beginning to lose a lot of sunlight. Here are some photos.


Lettuce DWC
The bigger plants are blocking sun from hitting the smaller plants in the middle. I should start to harvest leaves to eat salads.

Bok Choy and Cabbage DWC
Bok Choy/Cabbage
Both cabbage and bok choy thrive in the deep water culture setup. My experiments have been successful.
Bok Choy and Cabbage DWC 2
The smaller ones
 The Kratky method is good for growing plants, but the results I am seeing from adding the aquarium pump to my setup are spectacular.
Lettuce on railing
Lettuce is getting bigger
I might be overcrowding the red lettuce plant. I should consider removing some plants to allow the other to grow large. Lettuce don't like being crowded out, but I do it anyway.
Strawberry and lettuce
No strawberries yet
The strawberry plant probably won't start producing again until next year. The new foliage should allow it to grow more and bigger berries than last year.


Cabbage head growing
Cabbage is heading nicely after caterpillar attack 
I had to kill a dozen caterpillars on this cabbage. Those little critters would have eaten the whole thing had I not done something about it. The best pesticide is you (however tedious the destruction of little caterpillars might be).
Cilantro and Lettuce seedlings
Garlic that I put in this soil several months back is sprouting all over the place
I am not sure if the garlic will be fine with all the other sprouts around it. The cilantro might crowd it out.
Tomatoes weeks before removal
Tomato canopy
Nevada Lettuce bolting
Lettuce is bolting
If this lettuce plant can make it through winter, I'd love to get all the seeds it will bring. It'll be my largest "seed plant" that I've had.
Young Kale
The kale plant is starting to spread its leaves out and grow a core that looks purple in color. It might be time to transplant it soon.
Swiss Chard
Kale Seedlings
More Kale
Once some more tomato plants are gone, these kale will get much more light (and will hopefully grow faster).

Swiss Chard 2
Close up of more chard
The chard might be looking smaller than last week because I harvested ~ 2 bunches worth of leaves. I cooked it up with garlic, olive oil, onion, and bok choy on separate occasions. Very tasty! I highly recommend this variety and other Swiss Chard to any vegetable garden.
Harvested Chard
Lots of leaves (poor lighting)

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