Saturday, October 12, 2013

Let's make more sauerkraut

Following the success of the first batch of kraut I made, I decided to follow up and make another batch. This time with red cabbage, onion, and caraway seeds.
Finished green sauerkraut
A successful experiment
Materials for red sauerkraut
Materials for this batch
The red cabbage was 4.7 pounds, so my approximations from the other batch for salt were close enough. The red onion probably added the other required weight to make up 5 pounds total.
Cutting cabbage in half
Brain surgery!
The inner of red cabbage
We tried using a food processor I found in one of the cabinets, but it wasn't big enough to chop the cabbage. It did work for the onion though.
Chop chop master onion
No tears, only dreams now
Mix it in a bowl
Shred it up
Adding salt
Salt; the second most important ingredient
As I noticed from the first batch, I had a lot of vacant space in my 4 jars. So this time only 3 were needed after lots of compression.

3 jars from 1 cabbage
Closeup of red kraut
Close up shot
Red kraut fermenting
Sitting on the shelf
I'm curious to see how this batch will taste relative to the first batch. A week time will tell.

Tasting Notes:
After tasting this one, I was not as happy with it as the first batch I did. The caraway seed was too strong. At least I know the green sauerkraut is still delicious.

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