Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bottling Day: Centennial Pale Ale

Today we bottled our first all grain batch. The first step to bottling any beer is sanitation.
Delabeling bottles
Most tediously boring part of the process
We are still looking for a better solution to drying all our bottles, but until that happens, this photo should tell you the current method employed. My roommate thought of this one.
Don't try this at home
I don't know how he did it. 
After our priming sugar was boiled, we siphoned off our beer from secondary to it. There was a lot of hop particulate in it.
Hop sauce
More hops = better beer
Racking to bottling bucket
It turned out to be more of a brown ale than a pale ale
Now because we had 3 people working on bottling today, we finished that step in 15 minutes. Of course, we also had a lot less volume to bottle. 34 bottles split 3 ways is only 11 each person (+1 extra to share with neighbors).
Roommate is filling again
1 man filling, another on point, and me capping up top
Gold bottle caps
Bought gold caps this time around
Batch yield
The full lineup (34 bottles for those who can't do math)
Bottle conditioning will finish up in 1 week from now. Then I'll be able to enjoy this new batch. My housemates are anxiously anticipating this one; we already sampled some uncarbonated brew and were very impressed with its flavor.
Pale Ale Pour
Great color, great foam

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