Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer is almost over -- Garden update September 5

It has been a while since I showed the upstairs garden off. My second round of cherry tomatoes are beginning to mature. Here is a close up shot of the tomato canopy.
It's getting harder to water these

Ripe ones

There are too many to count
I have 2 lettuce plants that have survived. This one pictured is a variety called Nevada, which was bred to withstand high summer heat.
Bottle cap for comparison. This is the larger of the two.
Since my cucumber plants died off, I replaced them with a cabbage plant. It appears to be surviving the summer heat so far and has grown several leaves.
Yay cabbage.
My sub-irrigated planter definitely works. The tomato and pepper plants are growing vigorously. Particularly, the Fresno pepper plants have produced lots fruit.
Lots of Fresno peppers
Of course, no update is complete without a harvest photo. A total of 8 chard leaves, a dozen cherry tomatoes, and 10 Fresno peppers were harvested from upstairs. About 18 serranos were picked downstairs.
Hungry yet?

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