Thursday, August 1, 2013

New machine; Scrap Attack supreme! -- Knuth DBF400

There is no snow cone maker! The table was actually intended for a Knuth DBF400; a polymerization of a lathe, milling machine and drill press in one conveniently sized unit.  Good news for scrap attack is we can now build things we've never been able to and not be restricted by school shop hours/weapons/drugs policies!  The president of Knuth USA thought I was worthy of this machine from a scholarship application I submitted through the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  *(Of course this is was before they found out I was the reincarnation of John Wayne). This  not only makes me incredibly lucky, but also one of the more spoiled tinkerers out there.

There was, however, trouble in the beginning.  Upon arrival, the machine appeared to have been through battle damage.

The gear/pulley cabinet had been dented in transit.  I bet this wouldn't have happened were it made of cast iron.  But then again, not everything should be made of cast iron like my imagination suggests.
I ended up having to send it back for a replacement which was a challenge in itself considering it weighs 340 pounds.  I built a ramp to move the machine onto the pallet from the table.  and then tried to repackage it in a manner similar to which I received it.
I tried
The new machine arrived in tact and ready for a life of abuse at the hands of scrap attack's wizard machinists and initiates use.
Much more rectangular than before
I noticed the top pulley cover on this machine is painted black, even the sticker with the spindle speeds is painted over.  A minor inconvenience, fortunately they are listed in the enclosed instruction book.


  1. Looks like you got screwed....YEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH*sunglasses*

  2. Those combo lathe/mill units seem like a good idea, but when I was looking decided to just get a mill instead. It seems to me that you'd spend so much time setting it up for one or the other, that it'd get to be kind of a pain.

    On the other hand, it was given to you so, hey, why not!


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