Sunday, June 30, 2013

6011 vs. 6013

When welding at home with a small AC welder you are limited to a smaller selection of electrodes than with a DC welder.  The two common electrodes for AC use are 6011 and 6013. 

E6011 has deep penetration and requires oscillation when welding it and therefore more skill.  I've had good experiences welding it at school, but when using it with my welder it just seems like it isn't powerful enough to weld easily.  The maximum amperage on my welder is 100, but it hooks up to a 115v outlet so it may not give enough volts to maintain a proper arc.  The arc is much more aggressive than that of 6013 and the difference is noticeable.  The flux coating on 6011 has cellulose and potassium.  I think it smells good, but I may be the exception.  6011 is very similar to the DC-only 6010, but the slag coating looks more shiny like a snail trail.

E6013 has shallow penetration and is easy to weld, it doesn't require oscillation, just drag it.  It has a soft arc and looks prettier.  It is likely good for sheet metal.  See picture below:
6011 vs 6013
For me, I'm going to be using 6013 because It works better and strikes easier.

I was going to make a video demonstrating the differences, but it looked like crap and would bring shame to Steve Bleile.

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