Friday, May 17, 2013

Cloudy Day with Verdant Fury -- Spring Garden Weekly Update 6

It was a difficult decision, but I had to destroy the cucumber plant that is featured in the banner of this website due to disease drowning it. One of my hanging planters with a corn plant fell off my balcony a few nights ago, prompting me to go rescue it. I am not sure if it will recover yet. Regardless, the past week of slightly warmer temperatures, followed by a nice cloudy day today led to some impressive overall growth.


Right side balcony gardenLeft side balcony garden
The pole beans are way too tall for their own good now. The zucchini has opened a flower today.

3 Sisters Container Garden
May 16
Zucchini Flower
Zucchini flower closeup
The beans in the middle are starting to bloom and a few are setting pods.
Container Garden Beans
May 16
Peas and beans in close bin are both blooming; several pods are almost ready to harvest.
Beans and Peas container
May 16
Yellow Beans
These are supposed to turn yellow.
Plants on the left side of the balcony are doing good regardless of the former diseased cucumber. None of the other plants have shown any symptoms so let's hope it stays that way.
Left side balcony garden closeup

The larger cherry tomato plants are beginning to flower. I took my smallest one and pruned it in an attempt to clone it, but I'll discuss that ordeal in another post.

Cherry Tomato Plants

Cherry Tomato Flowers
Cherry tomato flower pods
Desk drawers are showing some bloom. The white bin cucumbers are gigantic now.
Desk Drawers + Cut and Come again lettuce


The plants are growing too large for their own good. I had to rope up the cucumbers and eggplant yesterday as they were falling all over the place. Luckily, these are not showing any signs of disease like my other plant.
Kratky Garden overview
Next you might ask "what happened to your peppers?" I watched some video where a guy said that pruning peppers like I did to the left half actually increases the capacity to yield. So I decided to try that. I think it is working because the suckers are growing rapidly. They'll be wider, bushier plants compared to the others. The iceberg lettuce didn't make it, but the remaining romaine lettuce is getting large.
Kratky Peppers
As mentioned before, the cucumbers were roped up with some simple jute. The lemon cucumbers have taken off, are over 2 feet tall now, and are beginning to bloom. A few spacemaster cucumbers are growing some fruits.
Kratky Cucumbers
Potential pickle
I accidentally destroyed an eggplant flower that was blooming. Those stems are very brittle. Regardless, more flower pods are forming. The biggest ACE tomato is ready to bloom too.
Eggplant and Tomato Kratky

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