Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wind and Cucumber Flowers -- Spring Garden Weekly Update 4

The weather has been hot and windy, but my plants are still doing fine. Let's see some photos.


Right side balcony garden
Left side balcony garden

I had to add a makeshift trellis out of string and sticks for the pole beans, since the corn is nowhere near the size it needs to be to support them.
3 Sisters Container Garden
3 sisters bin May 2
The beans are coming along nicely in the middle bin. Some of the corn seeds I planted there have also germinated. I might have some bean flowers soon.
Container Garden Beans
Middle Bin May 2
The peas and the beans continue to grow taller. The vacant space now has life to it.
Beans and Peas container
Pea Trellis bin May 2
I did a bit of rearranging on the left side of the balcony. I removed the greenhouse since it's too hot for plants to live in it this season. I also removed the old bok choy and harvested some seeds from it. The cucumbers are beginning to flower too. I've pollinated one female flower so far (using q-tips) as more continue to appear. I lined the tomato and cucumber pots with black plastic to help keep the soil moist.
Upper half of left balcony
Cucumbers + other plants
Male Cucumber flower
Male cucumber flower
Tomatoes + Lettuce + Strawberries
Lettuce + Swiss Chard + Tomatoes
I don't have too much to say about the desk drawers, but the hanging tomato is alive and well. I harvested a bunch of lettuce from all my plants today.

Desk drawer + Cut and Come Again lettuce
Desk drawers and lettuce bin
Lettuce Harvest
Lettuce harvest of the day


To start things off, I replaced mostly all the lettuce with some pepper starts I bought from the store because they weren't going to make it in this heat. If they did, they would taste too bitter. The peppers have survived transplant shock and are growing roots outside their net pots. I bought 3 varieties, Red Bell Pepper, Anaheim Chili, and Serrano Chili.

Kratky hydroponics system
System Overview
Kratky Peppers
New peppers
The Spacemasters have begun to flower, they just opened today too.
Hydroponic Kratky Cucumbers
The other cucumbers are catching up
Kratky Cucumber flower
Male flower from this floor
Kratky Cucumber Roots
BONUS PIC: Root growth of biggest cucumber plant
The Ace Tomatoes are coming along fine. The Eggplant now has massive leaves and evidence of flower growth coming soon.
Eggplant and Tomato hydroponics
Tomatoes + Eggplant + Chard
I post the photos in the same order every week, so open up the previous updates in different tabs or separate windows to see the weekly growth and progress. Be prepared to see some major cucumber updates soon.

Last week's update
Next week's update

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