Friday, May 24, 2013

Bottling Day: Rye IPA

Continued from earlier
Bottling day
Let's bottle some beer
I can hardly contain my excitement. A little sample of this new stuff tasted so great. I will say that bottling this time around went much quicker than the last batch because we put more than half of the beer in 22 oz bottles. This allowed us to save time capping, several 12 oz bottles, and about 10 bottle caps (which can be used for my cider or future beer batches). However, the disadvantage of having so many 22 oz bottles lies within having to drink twice the amount at once (or sharing even).
Cleaning bottles in bathtub
Almost as ridiculous as filling the tub with ice cream cones
So our process was nearly the same as last time, except that I delabeled and sanitized all the new bottles (my roommate was MIA). Most of our bottles were ones from the last batch that were previously unlabeled, making my task easier. It is important to have a good bottle collection as a homebrewer. Even though they can be reused repeatedly, there is still a risk of breakage or mold growing in the bottom, rendering the bottle useless. Unlike last time, there was no mold in the bottom of any of our bottles since we started washing them out after pouring.
Getting ready to fill
Gonna cap ya
Since we now have two different beers in unlabeled bottles, we took the time to "label" each one with some masking tape and a sharpie. This is only a temporary solution until we can actually design and create some professional looking labels. If you want to help us create a label, feel free to contact me.

In the end, we were able to fill (11) 22 oz bottles and (17) 12 oz bottles. We lost quite a lot of beer to sediment, but I also think we started our fermentation with less volume. Regardless, I will be enjoying this beer in 1 week from today. Cheers!
All beer has been bottled
Full lineup
Beautiful foam on beer
Great Pour

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