Sunday, March 3, 2013

Audio RCA patchbay

This is a project I did a while back, but nevertheless, I did document the progress pretty well.
I wanted to make a patchbay so I could keep my tangled mess of cables organized, and so I wouldn't have to keep plugging and unplugging audio equipment when I wanted to use it.
I started with 2 panels of 8 RCA connectors and wired and soldered the corresponding terminals together.
Then I took a plastic box and cut a square shaped hole using the soldering iron exacto knife attachment... not fun.

I hot glued the panels on and used it like that for a while, but eventually the force of unplugging stuff would break glue bond, so a new housing was constructed.
I made it out of steel and had holes so I could secure the panels down with screws.  First, holes were punched in the corners of the flat pattern and the bolt holes with a Whitney punch.  Then, the outside shape was cut with a notcher.  Next, I brazed on the nuts to what would be the under side to accept the screws.  I can't remember how I cut the large rectangular hole, it probably involved punching several round holes and a lot of filing.
Then it was bent with a metal brake, welded up and ground to look pretty.  When I welded up the sides I was afraid the heat would melt the brazing material and the nuts would fall off, but due to heat dissipation, that didn't happen.  The square hole on the side is for the C clamp, see bottom picture.
 After sandblasting and powder coating, it was complete
3 projects in 1 photo.  Patchbay, C clamp, and modified mic stand locking mechanism

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