Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trellising the Peas

I think I might have done this a little late in the growth stage. Pea plants need support as they grow upward, their stem alone cannot support the weight of the entire plant. So you must give it some support by making a trellis. There are many ways to construct and install, depending on the plant. In my case, I used some twigs I found lying on the road for some adequate support.
Currently the biggest survivor, supported with 2 sitcks
As I will be needing a better design when I start growing cucumbers, I decided to find some better sticks to design a better trellis. The current plants have taken a liking to the sticks and wrapped their tendrils all around them. So adding more support was a bit tricky. Using a method I saw in a video, I propped up 3 sticks for each individual pot and wove string around the border.
After the addition of string and stick.
Now the string here hangs loose only because the sticks are pushed into the soil. When I do cucumbers, I will use bigger sticks and tape them to the exterior of the pots.
What are the advantages of doing this compared to getting a metal trellis?

  • Made from sticks and string. Extremely cheap
  • Supports weight of plant comfortably
  • Fits to the dimensions of my choice (smaller plant pots)
I would reserve big metal cages for tomato or pepper plants instead.

If your peas are in a larger area, try using a block and grid pattern.
Notice the larger grid in the bin at the bottom of the camera
This style of trellis can be used to support several plants side-by-side. Use thicker sticks in combination with string. The stringing can take some time and finesse, but can support the weight of the pea plants easily.

Peas on the larger trellis

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