Monday, February 25, 2013

Motor electric cover

I recently purchased a motor to construct a blower for the foundry. The motor did not come with a plate to cover the electrical connections so they are wide open for the world to see.  I'm pretty sure not having the cover is a violation of common sense, but any case, scrap attack comes to the rescue.

What better material to use than the drawer slide previously called upon for the fender bracket fix.  Like before, it is the perfect width and one of the holes is conveniently already in place.
The De-Walt pistol dilemma has come to and end with this new plug in drill which means no more dead batteries in the middle of projects.  This new drill is beastly, it is harder, better, faster, stronger, etc.  emphasis on the faster, this thing RIPPED through the holes in no time.  The secret? It is a drill, not a screw gun that has a drilling option.
I was going to just bolt the the thing on and call it a day, but It seemed it would interfere with a bungee cord when I transport it, not to mention look stupid.
All done... not quite
 So I traced the shape of the opening and cut it with aviation snips.
By cutting it, it got potato chip shaped, so it had to be flattened in the vise.
After a lot of filing, it was done.
Much less conspicuous.

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