Sunday, May 2, 2021

5 Ways to use PVC Pipe in your Gardening Projects

Here are several ways you can use PVC pipe in your garden:

1) Trellis for Tomatoes and Peppers

In a big enough yard, you can use PVC pipe to build really big frames. In this garden I once attended to I used some smaller diameter pipe to act as a stake to allow the longer and wider diameter pipe to stand upright. Once the structure is standing, some string or other method of tying plants up can be used to keep plants upright. Read more about it here.

2) Frame for Fencing to keep out pests

I ran into a problem where I had rabbits eating at my grapevines. The solution I came up with was to build a cage around my young plants. I used PVC to form a frame around my containers and then wrapped some chicken wire around the frame. The chicken wire was secured with several zip ties. Since building this, I haven't had any additional rabbit attacks on my plants.

3) Soil sifter

PVC pipe, with some finer mesh wire, can be used to make a soil sifter. I made mine a few years back and it has been invaluable for preparing soil for new containers. Read more here.

4) Frame for seed starting rack

You can use PVC pipe as furniture; it is strong enough to support multiple nursery racks and even lightning if you plan to use this indoors. Compared to building this style of structure out of wood, this is a lot easier to teardown and store if it ever needed to be moved. Read more here or watch here.

5) Irrigation system

Most PVC pipe is made for irrigation purposes. PVC is very cost effective in junction with fittings and sprinklers. You can use it as part of a sprinkler network for your backyard; either above or underground, or you can try something creative at a smaller scale if you do not happen to own the land you're living on. PVC in general is safe for conveying water as most irrigation and drinking water systems use PVC pipe. Read more here.

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