Thursday, August 8, 2019

Save $2000 a year by making your own Avocado Toast | The Millennial Path to Homeownership

Millennials, are you looking to buy a house in the neighborhood your parents grew up in? You've got to start saving some cash! Want to start saving an extra $7/day or $35 a week? Well keep reading because you'll learn how to cut out a huge daily expense hurting your wallet.

The average cost of Avocado toast will soon be over $7/slice. If you were to make your own, you could put that $$$ back into your pocket. A penny saved is a penny earned. So here is the secret recipe that if followed, will eventually elevate you into homeownership.
You're going to need a few ingredients to make avocado toast. You'll need some bread. You could buy bread from a store or bakery to save some money. However, I am using some bread I made myself. If you want to learn how to make this bread, here's the link to my bread recipe.

Next you'll need an avocado. Now I bought this one from the store for $0.90 cents, but if you're a bit more handy than me, you can try growing some trees. Here are some of the trees my buddy has growing. It may take a few years for these to start producing fruit. But as the old proverb goes, the second best time to plant a tree is today.
Finally, you can have pretty much any topping you want for avocado toast. I will be using Rosemary as I have a bunch of that in my garden. Essentially free.
Let's get cooking. Slice yourself some bread. Place it in your toaster and toast it.
While the bread is toasting, go grab your avocado. Slice it in half. Then, slice it some more so the fruit can be separated from the skin.
Once the bread is done toasting. Remove it and place it on a plate. Now take the avocado and spread it on over your slices of toast.

When you're done spreading the avocado, top it with the rosemary. Or whatever toppings you have. 
Now you can enjoy your avocado toast, while pocketing an extra $2000 a year. In a few hundred years of saving this way, you'll be able to put 20% down on your San Francisco dream home with the savings from this method. And now you can blame the next generation for not helping drive up your home's value.


  1. Love the commentary with this post, but seeing the money on the plate with the food is a real downer! How about a redo with the cash off the plate?!!

    1. Every time I'm at a hipster cafe, they serve the toast with money on the plate. You pay extra for that.


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