Friday, May 3, 2019

Reassembling the Seed Starting Shelf | Speed Build | Video

Around this time two years ago, I built an indoor shelf out of PVC to help get my seeds started. I had it disassembled in the individual PVC pieces as it stored nicely when I was not using it. After having it in pieces for several months and several moves, I decided it would actually help with the organization with my new container garden setup as things had started to get a little messy.

Starting with this "box of scraps":
Assembling as such:
And ending up with this as the end result.
I really like the modular design of this thing. This "kit" of PVC feels like having Legos again. Since I am keeping it outdoors, I am not going to be attaching any of the lights I had when it was an indoor unit. Besides, I sold those lights a while ago. This shelf will be extremely useful keeping my new plant starts organized.

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