Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Seedlings Nearly Died to Hail | Garden Update Week of 5/26/2019

What a crazy week of weather! For June just around the corner, we've been having cool weather and lots of rain and even hail! I had to dash outside to grab my seedlings so they didn't get destroyed! Crazy!
Notable changes and growth in the past 2 weeks: I've potted up my Maglia Rosa tomato plants into 1 and 2 gallon containers. Soon I'll thin these out and attempt to propagate the thinned tomatoes.
Other thinnings include some of the Radish and Arugula in my big blue bin. What looked like insect damage previously doesn't seem to be reappearing. Cool.
I decided to throw some beet seeds into the bin. Perhaps I can grow enough to make an "Estate Beet Wine" in the future. But that's several months off.
Due to cold weather, I've been selectively placing my basil starts outside so they don't die.
The mint plant I bought is looking much bushier than before. I did take a cutting to see if I could propagate it that way. Would be awesome to have a mint plant at work to make mint tea daily.
So what's coming up next to the garden? This spat of cold weather is about to leave me to ring in the heat of summer. The heat though should speed up the growth of all the basil and tomato plants I have. They love that.

I've got some other undisclosed plans for this garden to. Keep your eyes on the blog and YouTube channel readers and you'll soon know too!

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