Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Vinny's 2019 New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Here is what I (Vinny) am striving to accomplish in 2019 on top working at my day job:

As a preface, I've read and believe in the path outlined in the book "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big" by Scott Adams where he describes getting through life through "thinking using systems rather than goals". Therefore, alongside the intended goal, I've listed the system I plan to use to accomplish that.

Pardoning that interruption, here are "resolutions":

More blog content - I had been neglecting this blog for most of the 2016 and 2017. While 2018 was a resurgence year, I intend to keep up with that success through 2019. At least one post a week should be possible from my end. Last year the blog had a total of 57 entries, so this one is in line with the current output. With the blog turning 6 years old, I want this to be its best.
More videos! Two YouTube videos per month is my target. This should be more possible now that I've installed a proper video editing software (Vegas Studio 14 Platinum) and purchased a tripod and camera phone mount. Throughout last year, I've begun to develop my skills with both along with the voice recorder on windows to do narration. With the right content, the videos should come naturally. However, if it takes longer than 2 weeks to produce a video due to lack of quality, I won't let that number shackle me down. I'm hoping to build up that subscriber base up to YouTube's new monetization standards established last February. You can follow the channel by clicking this link.
Get the hydroponic system up to speed and producing in the warmer months. I'm working on a DIY guide to build it which will be released as an eBook. Once the weather warms up, I need to perfect a seed starting setup to fill the garden back up with  plants. My plan is to grow enough basil and find some clients to sell it to make my initial investment back. Contact me if you're going to be looking for basil in April!
Kegging! I need to buy the missing parts to build the kegerator I need to use my kegs. This will save me a lot of time bottling and increase the throughput capacity of the Craigslist Setup.
Eat better! Most of my lunches have been a combination of chicken, rice, and occasionally fresh vegetables from the garden, which isn't bad, but there's so much opportunity to mix that up with some new meal prep recipes. I'm sure some people would be interested in meal prep videos too...
Cooked Chicken Thighs for my lunches at work. Meal Prep at its finest

I must now work toward building the systems up to accomplish these tasks. Do you think these goals are unrealistic? Comment below with what your plans for 2019 are!

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