Thursday, December 27, 2018

Top 10 Greens and Machines Projects from 2018 -- A Year in Review

Wow 2018 has come and gone, have you forgotten all the amazing things we've done so far? Here's a list of our favorite posts in no particular order!
Top Post From Vinny

1) Rye Stout Brew Day
"What better recipe to try out on the Craigslist brewhouse? Also includes a full length brew day video."

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2) DIY Indoor DWC Build
"Now you can grow vegetables anywhere indoors. Learn how to build a low profile system which can provide your house with vegetables all year long."

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3) Beers of the World Cup
"Greens and Machines goes international in this series. Explore beers from the nations who participated in the 2018 World Cup"

4) Churro Cheesecake
"Extremely simple to make and delicious dessert with full length video recipe guide to aid in baking your own"

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5) Cat Grass
"Something any cat owner can do to keep their feline friend(s) happy"

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Top Posts from Diecaster D:

1) Loft Bed
"The Long awaited successor to the fortress, and a prodigious space-saving project comes to life utilizing scrap wood and metal"

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2) Kitchen Knife Handle
"Combining a handle-less knife blade is found in the street with a broken hammer handle to give life to the knife"

3) Melting a Honda Engine Head
"When life gives you scrap aluminum, you gotta melt it somehow, with full length feature video"

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4) Big Bicycle Bell Ringer
"Increasing bicycle safety with a louder bell"

5) Bike Mic Stand
"The recording studio goes mobile, building a mic stand that mounts directly to the preexisting light mount"

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That concludes our selection from this calendar year. Expect even bigger and better things from us next year. What was your favorite project from us in 2018? One of these listed or something else? Comment below!

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