Sunday, December 2, 2018

Bicycle-Mounted Recording Studio | Bike Mic Stand

I was intending on making a mic stand to attach to my bike so I wouldn't need to carry around my full size one when doing outdoor recording.  I was originally thinking of some complicated c-clamp mechanism to attach to the seatpost, but then I remembered the light mount I made has a pretty generic rectangular attachment which I could take advantage of.
The new design utilizes a top half of a half mic stand I had lying around, and I made an extension rod from some 3/4" diameter aluminum.  Pretty simple design compared to what I had planned originally.

First milling flats on one end of the aluminum rod to fit into the light mount.
Then drilling a 9/16" hole in the other end to accept the mic stand half.  Embarrassingly, I wasn't paying attention to the clocking of the rod to where I'd just milled the flats, so I accidentally drilled the hole 90° off from where I needed the mic stand to come out, the fix fortunately was to just mill 2 more flats, thus making the other end fully rectangular.
For securing the mic stand half, I had this thumb screw lying around from something I took apart.  I tapped a hole in the end to accept the 6mm thread. 
You thought it was just a light mount....
Think again!
Go-go gadget - mic stand!
Now I can finish my next rap album without annoying my roommates!

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