Thursday, June 7, 2018

Growing plants for a Cat -- Cat Grass - part 1

I had a great idea when I was browsing the seed aisle. Now that I live with a cat, I thought it would be a good idea to try growing it some treats. Similar to how I grew microgreens for a bearded dragon.
I picked up some Cat Grass and Cat Nip seeds and planted them. Growing Cat Grass is simple. I filled one of my 4in pots with some seed starting mix, layered the seed across the top, and lightly covered it with more soil. I started two containers to alternate between them for the cat. The grass sprouted after a few days left outside in the sun.
Soon the grass was tall enough for use. The moment I brought the grass inside, the cat instantly went over and started munching on it. Success!
Cat grass is said to help felines with digestion. I figure also since I've seen this cat try to eat plants that he'd go crazy for this grass too. Since he really enjoys this, my roommate and I will have to scale up production so his cat won't go hungry! Now we must wait until the cat nip is ready...

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