Friday, June 22, 2018

Beers of the World Cup: Group D

It's world cup season, so we went out and bought as many possible beers from as many countries in the tournament we could find. In Group D we have Croatia, Iceland, Argentina, and Nigeria. We were able to acquire all but Nigerian beer for tasting.
From Argentina is Quilmes Cerveza, Argentina's favorite beer. A traditional lager that went down smooth. 2.75/5.

From Iceland is Einstok Icelanic White Ale. This beer is very similar to that of Blue Moon, but smoother in my opinion. Good wheat flavor. 3.5/5/
From Croatia comes Karlovacko Pivo beer. This Pilsner tasted alright, but was slightly skunked by the green glass. Still, this beer had hop flavor not found in many others of this style. I'll need to try a fresh bottle before rating this.

Check out our Instagram feed to see which other beers we managed to snag as each group stage match goes live!

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