Friday, March 30, 2018

Yet another Garden & Vineyard relocation | Year 4

I moved again, and with it, the vineyard had to be relocated too. Unfortunately, at my new place, I do not have a yard, so I cannot keep the vines with me. Luckily, a friend of mine offered to take in the vines under his wing for the time being.
The climate where they are being kept is pretty similar to where they had been staying before, but with the increased elevation and proximity to a large lake, they'll have a little bit of cooling from the hottest summer days in the region. 
Plenty of space, plenty of sunshine on the south facing wall.
Not even April yet, and they've already started to come back to life.
I didn't mention this earlier, but this is the first year I trimmed back the wood on the vines in an effort to cut down on wasted greenery. Let's see how much wine we'll be making this year!

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