Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wooden Plant Pot

Do you know what time it is?  It's Wooden February!!!!!!!
*Wooden February is a trademark of MJTV
Today on Scrap Attack, we transform a tall shipping crate into a plant pot for transplanting the grapefruit tree that was in much need of more root space.  I'd found this on the side of the street on trash day, and had been using it as a furniture article since.

I eventually disassembled it to use as firewood.  I figured it would make safe firewood since the "HT" markings indicated it was heat treated rather than chemically fumigated in processing.  The wood sat around like this for a while, but the next bicycle bbq didn't happen soon enough, so I decided to make it into a plant pot.
First cutting the long pieces to match the shorter pieces.  The majority of the wood pieces from the crate were already identical length, which made constructing a box out of them very convenient.
Woodwork hasn't really been my forte, so the design was more or less improvised.  This is the result:
Now Squashy Grapefruit has much more space to grow.  Perhaps we'll be getting some fruit this year as well?  Pineapple is looking good as well.

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