Friday, February 12, 2016

Ol' 22 Bottling Day

I've come across surface tar
After accumulating enough bottles, it was time to bottle Ol' 22. I mentioned before that there was quite a bit of beer lost after the yeast went crazy and blew off quite a bit of the volume. The line on my bucket went up to where 4 gallons would be. So I'd anticipate getting 40 bottles from this.

Pumping oil
I used about 2.5 oz of cane sugar dissolved in 4 cups of water for priming. I dumped it in while siphoning over my brew to the bottling bucket. At this point in time, I grabbed a sample of this 8% ABV brew. It was fantastic. If I ever have a strong ale derivative I'd like to make, this recipe would be my base. I would actually love to make this same recipe again just to have more bottles.

Tastes much better than motor oil!
 I filled 12 bottles at a time before capping them. This time around labeling my brew was much easier since I bought some "Return Address Labels" that I could write on and stick on the bottles. No more masking tape!
Assembly line!
 After filling up all the bottles, I ended up with 39. Not a bad prediction. I just wish I had more to enjoy and share. Should be a good week for this to carbonate. Until then, cheers!

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