Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Burton Bomber Bottling Day

After weeks of sitting in the closet, my Burton Bomber was ready to bottle! 
How now brown cow?
A nice brown color
As I mentioned in the brew day post, I planned to take a sample of my brew in a growler to take home on my vacation. When I popped the top, I noticed that it was still fermenting (but slowly). The gravity of the brew then compared to today was slightly higher. Still, it surprised me that it wasn't done after the 4 days I thought it would be finished it.
Staging to bottle
Getting ready to dispense
It also surprised me that the fermenter didn't cause any blowoff issues. I think this might be due to both the low temperatures in December along with a lower starting gravity than most of my brews. It seems as Burton Ale yeast only explodes when certain conditions are met. Regardless, I must always prepare for the worst with this strain.
Siphoning the brown ale
Siphoning away!
Bottling went without any issues. I was slightly concerned I would not have enough bottles to put all the beer into, but there ended up being 2 empty bottles left over. I'll need to replenish my supply before I bottle my next batch.
Siphoning the brown ale from a different angle
There is a definite need to prop up that bottling bucket
Waiting to cap the bottles
Some of the bottles awaiting capping
The final gravity of this brew was 1.015, giving it 4% ABV.
Total yield
Total yield (minus that drunk from the growler)
I was able to bottle 37 12oz bottles and 3 22oz bottles. Coupled with the beer I drank from the growler, this is ~4.2 gallons. I'll post a photo when this brew becomes carbonated. Until then, cheers!

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