Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Rye Ale Update -- Bottling Day

The color and flavor is spot on
You could almost pass this off as Rye Whiskey
After a good 2 weeks of fermenting + 1 week of settling, it was time to bottle my latest batch of beer. I was hoping to jump the gun on bottling after only the 2 weeks of fermenting, but as you can see in the above photo, the extra week of settling made a significant difference in the clarity of the brew.

Doesn't drip, doesn't make a mess
Oh dear, I made quite a mess.
For bottling, I got to test the seal on my newly drilled bottling bucket. I was worried that it would leak and spill beer all over the place, but thankfully I was able to get the gaskets on tight enough so that would not happen.
Bottling spigot attached to bottling bucket
Using a hole saw to drill a curved surface is challenging
In addition to the new bottling bucket, I also got to test the usefulness of the bottling wand I bought the last time I was at the store. After attaching it to my tubing and filling a few bottles, I decided to stop using it because it was leaking from where it attached to the tubing. It's a useful device, but the leaky connection along with the tendency for me to overfill bottles and spill precious beer onto the ground made it not worth using.
Not Rye Whiskey
Yum. Beer.
After packaging was completed, I ended up with a total of 40 bottles. Now if this carbonates appropriately, I'll be able to have one after Thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise, I'll need to have a party! Cheers!
Total yield
40 bottles of beer on the ground.
Final product with carbonation. Damn good.

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