Sunday, June 1, 2014

Harvesting beans -- Garden Update June 1

The garden has been doing alright. Excessive heat has caused the rest of my lettuce to die off upstairs and downstairs. So at the moment a lot of things are vacant or dead. That being said, since I will be at my place a few more months, I can replant some things.
Beans on the vine
Yay beans!
At the moment, my bean plants in the middle bin upstairs are in harvest mode. I've picked 10 beans so far, with several more on the way. I'll plant some more beans in some of the vacant bins I have because they like the heat and grow fast.

The cucumber plants are growing bigger, starting to show tendrils and flower buds. They want to grow closer to the sun, but I want them to grow up the trellis I built for them. I think I just have had them in a really bad spot for upstairs since they get shaded most of the day. I think if they grow taller they'll get all the sun they need.
Right side balcony garden
Overview of the right side of the balcony
Today's bean harvest
Harvested beans
Cucumber plant
Cucumber plants growing tendrils finally
More beans
Green beans
Purple beans on the vine
Purple beans too.
 The kale plants on the left side are nearly dead now, meaning I'll be collecting all the seeds soon. The carrots and onions aren't ready yet, but continue to grow bigger. All the Swiss Chard is still alive and well (and may need harvesting soon).
Red Swiss Chard
Carrots and green onions
Carrots all over the place
Kale seed pods
Seeds from my kale plant
I'll be working on bringing the downstairs garden back up again, probably to grow either some peppers or basil (likely basil).

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