Friday, April 4, 2014

Naturally Scented Vanilla Soap

Naturally Scented Vanilla Soap top
The finest soap made with Madagascar vanilla beans
Our next scented soap is vanilla. Using two tablespoons of homemade vanilla extract, this soap is made to be as aromatic as ice cream is tasty. The color is a light, translucent brown, like that of the extract. The odor is pleasant and not overwhelming (like the garlic soap). Now your hands can have a fresh vanilla scent to them.

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Vanilla extract used
Starting with homemade vanilla extract
Emulsion alcohol
Adding in the 2 tablespoons of vanilla
Incorporating vanilla extract and soap
Stirring to incorporate
Naturally Scented Vanilla Soap
Now I get to test out a new makeshift mold
Naturally Scented Vanilla Soap Side
Side shot
Naturally Scented Vanilla Soap pyramid
Stack them like a pyramid
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