Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Sun is back and Winter is leaving -- Upstairs Balcony Garden March 13

Now that my new batteries and external camera charger have arrived, I can take photos again without being leashed to the wall. I mentioned this last week, but all the bok choy in the downstairs garden bolted due to the heat. I'm starting new seeds (cucumbers and bush beans) to replace the old bok choy. Spring is almost here; the sun is heating up. The forecast says it is going to be 80°F this weekend, I'm afraid some of my crops will die off.
New seedlings for spring
A new crop is coming next season.
I don't blame the bok choy for bolting as many of my other winter plants had also started growing a flower stalk (lettuce, cilantro). Since I am starting new seeds for downstairs, there aren't any plants to show, so I'll move upstairs.
Bok Choy bolting in hydroponic garden
RIP Bok Choy
Balcony Garden left March 13
Left side of balcony
Balcony Garden Right March 13
Right side of balcony

Upstairs has only seen the removal of some lettuce so far. In its place I put new lettuce seedlings. The cilantro and garlic surrounding it are getting taller, to the point where the wind is knocking it over. I do not know if I should start removing the cilantro or not, but I heard the seeds are useful in cooking (and beer making).
New lettuce seedlings
Salad Bowl Lettuce Seedlings
Cilantro Flowering
Cilantro Flowers

The cabbages on the right side are growing large heads by the week. I'm checking to see when they are ready to go. I have no timeline for when any heads on the mutant cabbage will be ready either. I have also planted a Ruby Red Swiss Chard plant in one of the 1 gallon containers upstairs.
Ruby Red Swiss Chard seedling
Red Chard
Mutant looking cabbage
Many little heads

I'm overdue for harvesting some Kale and Swiss Chard, so when I get around to it, I'll make some more vegetable chips.
Giant Kale plant
Big Kale
Lots of Swiss Chard
Delicious Chard

Some new additions to the garden include a celery that I'm regrowing from a base my housemate gave me. This is about 2 weeks old now.
Celery regrow from base
Regrowing from the base
Finally we come to see how the peas/carrots/onions are doing in the subirrigated bin. The peas are getting taller, but will they be able to survive the coming heat wave? Or will there be a repeat of the peas dying off like last year? Only time will tell.
Peas on the trellis
Peas getting taller
Sub irrigated planter
Deep in the jungle lies a clearing where peas grow on a balcony

Once the new seedlings are ready for the hydroponic garden, I'll do an update on those. Aside from what I have planted so far, what other plants should I try growing on the balcony this spring?

Last Week's Update (Downstairs Garden)

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