Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hydroponic Garden Showcase -- March 4 Downstairs Garden Update

Best Bok Choy growth
The bin with the most progress
It's been wet and rainy again, after a brief period of sun in the last week. This week I bring you my downstairs garden again. The bok choy have been chugging along despite all this rain and lack of sunlight. I think they'll be done soon though, just in time for spring planting this year.
Bok Choy Growth Middle
Middle bin (left bin is at the top of the page)
Bok Choy Growth Right
Furthest right bin
These Bok Choy here are not as large as the ones in the furthest left bin, but they are catching up.
Hydroponic system overview
Whole system overview
Largest bok choy March 4
Biggest bok choy so far
I think overcrowding the red lettuce has prevented it from getting big. But it also has not started to bolt unlike my green lettuce in the other containers.
Red Red Lettuce
Lettuce is still doing well
Lettuce going to seed
I don't know when the strawberries will be ready
I have a bunch of new seeds I am starting using the method I improvised earlier. Those lettuce seeds germinated really fast.
Salad Bowl Lettuce Germination
Seed tray: exclusively Salad Bowl Lettuce
Lettuce Basil and Chard Germination
Seed tray: Nevada Lettuce, Basil, and Red Chard

Be ready for another update coming next week.

Last Week's Update (Upstairs Garden)

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  1. Just discovered your blog via reddit. I've been looking to get into gardening lately and was curious how I could do so in an apartment. Seems like I can implement some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing.


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