Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Naturally Scented Garlic Soap

Of all the brands of soap Lupe Fiasco referenced in "I Gotcha", none are as flagrantly fragrant as my garlic soap
When my brother told me I could make any scent of soap I wanted, I immediately went with garlic.  Why? because it smells good.  I was told that I wouldn't be a hit with the ladies if I used garlic soap, but why would I want women that don't like garlic???

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Uses 1 whole bulb of garlic
Chopped and smashed down
The finished product
Notice all the little pieces of garlic on the surface
  I don't know why he cut it into triangles, it makes it hard to use.
4 little triangles of fresh garlic soap
Stacks on stacks
Gilroy, CA residents won't even know what hit them
Only the strongest scents for the vampire hunter

Round 2

Due to popular demand, a second batch of garlic soap was made. Nearly as strong as the first one, this one does not disappoint. It's also more round than before.
Garlic bulb chopped
One whole bulb
8 bars of garlic soap
Total yield: 8 bars
Closer up garlic soap pyramid
Round shape this time unlike the triangles before
garlic soap gradient
The gradient
Soap pyramid
The pyramid isn't as evenly constructed this time
Garlic soap top design
Garlic goodness
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