Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Will the Rain finally come? -- 2/25 Garden Update

Sunny Garden Feb 25
Bright and sunny today
This past week has been great spring weather... except we are still in winter. The forecast says rain will be coming tomorrow and continuing through the weekend. That's good for us in CA, any and all rain this year is much needed.
Balcony Left Feb 25
Left side
Balcony Right Feb 25
Right side
Everything is getting larger, thanks to the sun. At most, I've harvested some Swiss Chard and many lettuce leaves for cooking.
Cabbage Far right
The runt cabbage is catching up in size
Cabbage Middle Right
I like the leaf differences between these two
Only a few more weeks before these cabbages are done and ready. I'll replace them with lettuce or some red Swiss Chard once they are done.
Lettuce Cilantro Close right
Lettuce and Cilantro
I'm more amazed at the garlic than anything else in this bin, it's getting really tall. I hope it finishes up before I leave this apartment. I'm going to be giving some cilantro to a friend of mine tomorrow.
Cabbage mutant head
Alien, mutant
The small heads on my mutant cabbage look bigger and should head sooner or later. I'm curious if each of those sends up a flower stalk when the cabbage goes to seed.
Kale in the sun
The heat is uncommon for this time of year
My kale over in the large container is reacting to the sun's warm rays. I'm not too worried though.
1 gallon green onions
Yay Onions
Onions are looking bigger, despite flopping over.
Peas getting taller
Peas and such
Last Week's Update

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