Friday, January 31, 2014

The Winter Sun Shines on my Balcony -- 1/31 Garden Update

As it is the last day of the month, I feel obligated to give an overall update of my garden. The weather has been very weird lately. There have been days where it has hit 70 degrees within the past week. In the last two days, the area got its first rain of the year. I'm worried that these drought conditions will continue, as we haven't gotten enough rain yet. Regardless, this garden is still growing strong.
Sun glare lettuce
The sun shines upon my balcony
Starting with the downstairs balcony. The bok choy are growing their first leaves. I have thinned them out so only 1 seedling is in each net pot now. They should be taking off soon.
Hydroponic system overview
System overview
Bok choy closeup
Bok choy closeup
The lettuce has been harvestable for the last week, and I've used several leaves in my cooking this week. The strawberry plants have grown flowers and fruit is beginning to form.
Southern ledge
This ledge of the balcony (see top photo for other ledge)
Strawberry flowers forming
Strawberries forming!
Let's move upstairs now. On the right half of the balcony, all the lettuce, cabbage, and cilantro are growing out of control. I might be getting more cabbage soon to cook with.
Cabbage closeup 1
Cabbage closeup #1
Right side balcony garden January 31
Right side overview

Lettuce and Cilantro Container
Lettuce and cilantro
Second photogenic cabbage
Cabbage closeup #2
All of the chard plants on the left side of the garden had way too many leaves, so I ended up harvesting a bunch. I made some stir fry with some and gave some to a friend of mine.
Swiss Chard 1
Upper Chard
Swiss Chard 2
Lower Chard
Much like the Swiss Chard, the Kale is also getting larger. I haven't harvested any of those leaves yet, but when I do, I'm making kale chips.
Left side Balcony overview January 31
Left side overview
Kale 1
Upper Kale

Kale 2
Lower Kale
Now onto my giant white bin. The question you've all been wanting to be answered. Did the seeds I plant in the giant white subirrigated planter end up germinating? Yes....something did. I do not know if it is the spinach that germinated or the carrot seeds I replanted the week after, but I think it is spinach germinating.

I think it is spinach
White subirrigated planter
A few have popped up all over the bin, so I think it's spinach.

This concludes this week's update. Next week I will be trying to harvest some of that kale. I plan to get my spring seeds started by the middle of February, but it all depends on how long it takes the bok choy to grow. What should I plant for spring?

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