Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Iceman IPA Bottling day

We were busy on Monday night, so we had to postpone bottling our IPA until tonight. The original recipe called for the beer to be dry hopped for 7 days. Since our beer was transferred to secondary on a Monday (a holiday), bottling on a school night wasn't easy to arrange.
Iceman IPA bottled
All bottled and almost ready to drink
We made the decision to use all long neck bottles 12 oz bottles today as we had a large amount of them. We had been going through short neck bottles like nobody's business the last few times we bottled, so it was time to clean up some of the older bottles that had been sitting around.
Beer Bottles in tub
Almost as clean as they'd have ever been.
As always, a good wash in a hot bleach solution gets rid of most bottle labels and other dirty clinging to the sides of the bottles.
Hops everywhere
So many hops
Popping open the fermenter, we could smell the hops from a mile away. There was so much hop particulate floating around at the top. Because of this, we weren't able to get a bit of the beer.
Siphoning IPA to bottling bucket
Here we go let's get to secondary.

IPA is the correct color
Ok, there might be some hop particles entering here, but they'll settle out and not enter the bottles.
In this position, siphoning takes a lot longer than normal because the height difference is less than when the bucket is on the ground. I could show you the equation behind it, but I don't want to scare anyone who hasn't taken fluid mechanics yet.
Someone is going to call me out on this
Ready to fill
Ready to fill!
The dry hopping added floral and fruity aromas, like those found in grapefruit. This was our first time dry hopping with cascade hops, so now we know what it will smell like next time we use those. Now my house smells pleasant with those smells.
Filling bottles
Capping Homebrew
...and capping
Filling the bottles went fine, only a little bit of beer was lost to spillage. This batch yielded only 35 bottles. With a two way split, we only got ~18 each. I'm a bit disappointed with the amount of beer we got, but I blame the dry hops for causing about 1/4 gallon worth of beer to be unsiphonable. Bottle conditioning will be done by next Tuesday, so we'll try to give you a taste test next week.
All the beer
Coming up this Saturday is brew day. We will be brewing a Vanilla Porter. What else should we try brewing?

Update: 2/13

Bottle conditioning took a little while longer than anticipated, but the pour is so good. Cheers!
Iceman IPA pour
Iceman at it's finest.

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