Sunday, January 5, 2014

Drill Organizer

I found this drill gauge at a garage sale, I thought it was pretty useless because you can just check the size of a drill with calipers or a micrometer.  I decided it would make better use as a drill holder to organize my fractional sized drills.

Drawing the pattern on a piece of aluminum sheet metal.  Remember kids, don't scribe bend lines on aluminum.... loose lips sink ships, or airplanes, or something like that.
After drilling the two mounting holes, bending it with a brass hammer and a vise.
The second bend was done in the machine vise because it had more clearance for the rest of the piece.
The finished piece after bending.
The gauge had conveniently sized .190" holes for mounting with #10-32 screws.  Here it is done, now it will save tens of minutes looking for drills... just need one for number and letter drills now. It also makes it more obvious which sizes I am missing.

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