Friday, December 27, 2013

Bicycle Bell Ringer

One day the ringer for my bell mysteriously disappeared.  I had temporarily strung a baseball bat key chain around the handlebars to use as a striker, but it came time to build a new one.
The design was inspired by the plunger from a pinball machine.  The ringer is a spring loaded brass #10-32 screw with an angle iron bracket.  The bracket itself attaches onto a convenient #10-32 (M5-.8) screw on the bell's handlebar mount.
The bracket.
Sawing the angle iron.  I didn't want to get metal powder on the machine ways so I protected them with a piece of paper.
Drilling the .200" holes in the bracket.
Cutting the spring with aviation snips.  The ringer uses 2 sections of spring, one on either side of the bracket.
Here it is completed, with a brass knurled nut as a knob with a jam nut securing it on.  Honestly, isn't that good of a design.  It only rings 25% of the time and is somewhat painful to use, but it's better than nothing.  I think it can be fixed with a weaker spring on the bell side as it looks like that's how pinball machine plungers are designed.

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