Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bok Choy and Cabbage gets Bigger -- Garden Update 10/30

How are my plants doing today? I removed some unproductive tomato plants because it's starting to get cold again. I think this year will be much colder than last year, so I'm taking steps to remove tomato plants before frost comes.


Bok Choy looking nice
All but 1 lettuce made it

Different angle of bok choy/cabbage

Other bin of bok choy

Lettuce getting larger

Everything over here still growing


Removed some tomato plants here

And planted some lettuce seedlings (Cilantro is taking off)

Time for salad
The head grows larger

A collection of greens

Kale getting bigger

Up close Chard

Peppers are still alive, producing too

The entire left side
As the weather gets colder, I'll start to remove more tomatoes and peppers from the garden. If the weather is permitting this year, I'll plant some transplants in December. Otherwise I'll wait until January when the weather and freeze chance is lower.

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