Friday, August 23, 2013

How has the downstairs garden been this week? 8/23

A harvest from 8/21. Includes Swiss chard and Fresno Chilis
The downstairs garden has been growing nicely, even in the past week of hot temperatures. The corn is taller than 1 foot now and my serrano plant is over 3 feet tall. I had to replace the marigold and lettuce plants I had down here; the heat killed them off. I replaced them with Swiss chard.

Corn on August 18
It's easy to see that some corn is growing fast due to uneven distribution of light. The slightly shaded plants are growing slower than before.
Corn on August 21
Serrano plant out of control
Close up of the peppers
Although the pepper plant is bigger than before, the peppers are significantly smaller. I don't know if this is a nutrient problem or a light problem. Regardless, the quantity of peppers being produced is greater than before now that the plant has a lot of branches.
Transplanted Chard to replace marigold and lettuce

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