Sunday, June 2, 2013

Self sufficiency and recycling are evil

When you grow your own food, the amount of unnecessary work done to grow, transport and store food in a store is reduced.  It would be great if we all could grow our own food.  Not only is it more efficient, it reduces waste and increases the quality of freshness as well as giving you control over what goes into the soil.  The same concept goes for building things.  Even though with mass production, the amount of time spent to build one part is reduced, you still have to transport it, store it, and pay for it.  Scrap Attack prides itself on building stuff out of used materials to help the environment and prevent the world from looking like Idiocracy in the future.  The "evil" part is this; self sufficiency doesn't create jobs.  This is the problem with modern economics, it thinks it is the only thing that exists (C.R.E.A.M.)  So if self sufficiency is bad for the economy, then to hell with the economy.

The same logic in the 70's hindered America's ability to compete in the global economy because they were scared this new fancy automated CNC stuff would eliminate jobs.  I see no problem, I would rather work less than more, but the problem is getting paid for it. 

Watch this, I will use modern economics to make graffiti a good thing:  it creates jobs and supports local hardware stores (provided they pay for the paint).  The same excuses have been used to justify war.  War is the most profitable industry.  The point is, when you die it won't make a difference how much money you have, you are still going to die.  Therefore the natural ways of life are still more powerful than money, so we should consider giving the environment a little more respect, because after all, without it we wouldn't exist.

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