Thursday, May 30, 2013

Red Cherry Tomato (Large Fruit)

A very easy tomato plant to grow, and an easy one to clone too. It can be grown in containers as small as 1 gallon, but a larger container is better. Plants will grow larger in bigger containers. The Kratky method and other hydroponic techniques can be used for this plant. Produces lots of cherry tomatoes throughout the season. Not as sweet as other varieties, but that's because the fruit is larger.

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Annual or Perennial?: Annual
Germination time: 7-14 days
Days until maturity: 75 days
Light requirements: Full Sun (6+ hrs)
Plant size: Large
Spacing: 16"-24" (If using containers, place in individual planters)
Temperature: Warm weather
Difficulty: Easy
Traits: Indeterminate
Companion plants: Basil
Special needs: Requires a support (Tomato cage, stake, chicken wire, etc)

When to plant: It is best to start tomatoes indoors about 2 months before the average last frost date. In warmer climates, it is possible to start the seed outdoors after nights have warmed above 50 degrees.

How to grow: Plant in a suitable sized container (1-5 gallons) or in the soil spaced 18" away from other plants. Keep well watered, using nitrogen fertilizer early on, and phosphorous fertilizer as flowers begin to form. Plants can grow over 3 feet tall.

How to harvest: Pick tomatoes when ripe. The fruit will be red when it is ready.

Cherry Tomato seeds
Cherry Tomato 1-2 weeks
1-2 weeks
Cherry Tomato 3-4 weeks
3-4 Weeks

Cherry Tomato 5-6 weeks
5-6 weeks old
Cherry Tomato 7-8 weeks
7-8 weeks old
Cherry Tomato flowers forming
Flowers forming
Cherry Tomato fruit forming
Fruit forming
Cherry Tomatoes Harvested
Plate of harvested tomatoes

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