Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garlic Time -- Spring Garden Weekly Update 2

I suppose I'll be doing weekly updates every Thursday. Here is what it looks like outside.


Right side balcony garden
Left side balcony garden

Starting with the three sisters bin, the beans are starting to grow their second set of leaves and the corn is growing taller. The zucchini are growing their true leaves too, but I might need to remove one of the plants soon before it gets too big. The beans have not sent out tendrils yet, so no need to scramble for plant supports yet.
3 Sisters Container Garden
3 Sisters bin April 18
In the middle bin, most of the Swiss chard seedlings have died off. Some of the new bean seeds I planted have begun to sprout, so all is not lost here.

Beans beginning to germinate
Middle bin April 18
The pea trellis bin is doing well. The recent hot weather hasn't stopped the peas from growing. Most have begun to grab onto the trellis I built. The bush beans that have sprouted are looking bigger. There still is a void in the top right section of the bin. If nothing pops up within the week, I will resow or plant a different plant there. There are some carrot seedlings germinating from the seed I sowed in their about a month ago (the failed carrots, lettuce, and bush beans bin).
Beans and Peas container
Pea Trellis bin
Over to the left side of the balcony, the cherry tomato plants are growing much bigger. The cucumber plant I have in the hydroponic solution is still doing great; it sent out a tendril this week. My lettuce has regrown itself and should be ready to be harvested again soon. One of my garlic plants died, so I pulled that up.
Kratky Cucumber
Cucumber in solution

Lower half left balcony garden
Lettuce and cherry tomato plants
Garlic Harvest
Can smell this little thing all the way downstairs
Only one desk drawer bin is doing well, many beans are thriving there. The other is nearly devoid of life. I tried moving a zucchini sprout from the corn bin here, but I don't think it's going to make it. I am tempted to replace that drawer with a 5 gallon self watering container.
Desk Drawer Garden Plants
Beans don't want to grow


The hydroponic bins are thriving. The lettuce are starting to look more alive, but none of the roots have reached the exterior of the net pots.
Hydroponic Lettuce
Cucumbers are looking much better after 1 week of growth. All of them have at least 1 set of true leaves and roots in the solution. I will need to work on implementing a cage system for these soon.

Hydroponic Kratky Cucumbers
Cucumbers (top view) Spacemaster on left, Lemon on right
To the last bin, the eggplant was being attacked by aphids earlier this week. I attempted to control them the best I could, but I had to kill off the one that I had in soil. The one in solution is looking more vigorous however. All but one of the tomato plants in here are doing fine, the other I had to re-transplant it with more gravel in its net pot. One of the chard plants looks wind-whipped, but the other is growing fine.
Eggplant and Tomato hydroponics
Bin 3
Kratky Tomato closeup
Close up of the tomato plants
That's all for this week. Hopefully the aphids don't come back.

Last week's update
Next week's update

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