Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scarlet Nantes Carrot

Carrots can be fun and rewarding to grow. In my opinion though, if you have little space in your garden, grow a different plant. It's cheaper to buy carrots in the store, as your own homegrown ones might not always be up to the quality of store bought ones.

Harvested Scarlet Nantes

Plus, if you harvest your carrot prematurely, that's it. There is no replanting a pulled carrot. Additionally, you only get 1 carrot for each seed (who would have known). I recommend planting a leaf vegetable or herbs in place of carrots. But don't listen to my advice if you have a special heirloom variety of carrot like a purple or red one.

Annual or Perennial?: Biennial
Germination time: 7-14 days
Days until maturity: 60+ days
Light requirements: Full sun (6+ hrs) Can tolerate partial shade
Plant size: Small
Spacing: 3 inches
Temperature: Cool/Warm
Difficulty: Easy
Traits: Edible taproot
Companion plants: Tomatoes, Beans, Lettuce, Onions, Leeks
Special needs: If growing in containers, make sure they are deep enough (at least 8 inches).
When to plant: Sow carrot seed in any season.

How to grow: Plant seed in ground. Make sure the soil is loose and free of rocks or other material.

How to harvest: Check to see if carrot is ready to pull up by pulling up one. If it is of reasonable size, then the carrots are ready. Otherwise, tough luck.

Carrot Seeds
Carrot Seedling

First Growth
More carrot greens
Premature carrot harvest
Miserable looking harvest
Same carrot as above
Better looking harvest
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