Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reviving yesterday's stirfry

Some plants are able to regenerate themselves if the base remains intact. Popular examples of this include green onions and celery, but there are others that can regrow themselves. I decided to give it a try with bok choy after reading this article of someone else who tried it. I bought 2 bok choy from the farmers market the other weekend and decided to soak the base of each plant in its own separate container of water.

Bok Choy base regrow day 1
Day 1
By day 4, a small stub of a growth was visible on both on top, and leaves were starting to regrow out of the bottom.
Bok Choy base regrow day 4
Day 4

Bok Choy base regrow day 6
Day 6
By day 8 the growth was really visible, especially out of the side of the base.
Day 8
Bok Choy base regrow day 11
Day 11
Bok Choy base regrow day 17
Day 17
Finally after 17 days, I decided to throw my bok choy in the worm bin. They were starting to look ugly as I had forgotten to change the water a few of the days. Overall, it was a cool experiment but it was a shame I could not replant it in the ground.

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