Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking forward to Spring

I picked a miserable time to start my garden. I had absolutely no plan at all nor did I follow my first rule.


Now that I'm on the upstairs balcony, I get a decent amount of sun. Its not the 6 hours required for optimal growth, but my plants are still growin'.

Call me an addict, but each day I always look at the weather channel's website, always checking to see whether I'll need to cover the plants or not. And everyday or so, the sunrise time on their website goes up by a minute. All of these minutes add up. As of now, right in the heart of winter, there is only about 10 hours of daylight available. I lose sunlight at about noon, midday, so my plants only get about half a days worth of sun. March 20th is the Spring Equinox, meaning there will be 12 hours of day and night again. Once that day comes, I'll be able to sow my larger plants without fear of them getting too little sunlight.

48 days to go.

A small step to get the garden growing again

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