Monday, July 16, 2018

DIY Indoor DWC Hydroponic System Build

Since moving into a condo with no real land to garden in, I've really been dreading not having fresh vegetables right outside. I did manage to bring one of my containers, but there is very little space in the little "front yard". Not to mention, it being northfacing, it receives minimal sunlight. There's other problems too, such as some local pests. I've caught frogs chomping on my Chard and seedlings, and aphids have colonized the Kale plants I have inside it.
In my new place, I did have quite a bit of real estate in my bathroom, which I was previously using to store the fermenters for my Kolsch. I figure there would be enough space here to do some indoor gardening.
At first I was incredibly ambitious (because if you're going to dream, you may as well dream big). I wanted to setup an NFT system along a frame built out of the lights and PVC salvaged from my indoor nursery build. It made a lot of sense too to have the growing region elevated as the sink gets in the way Although reality did hit me as I had never actually built or run an NFT system before. The amount of space needed for the parts (pipes, reservoir, etc) would have overwhelmed the vanity.
Conceptualizing where the NFT would go if it had been built
Since I was pretty experienced with DWC systems back in college and at home, I figure it would be best to keep it simple and use that technology again. However, the challenge running indoors would be....

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